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Luxury Tented Camps in Kanha

The tents at Bagh Villas use the traditional “Shikar tent” design used by the Maharajas during their hunting expeditions. The platform on which the tent is erected is made of beautifully crafted wood planks giving it a very warm and welcoming feel while also keeping the tent cool when it’s hot and warm in the cold months. The bathrooms are luxurious with two sinks and a cozy shower vestibule encased in a row of bamboo. There is hot and cold running water. The beds can be made twin or king size and are extremely comfortable with 10 inch mattresses.

A small verandah with cozy bamboo reclining chairs overlooking a lovely small lake provide a beautiful relaxing sit out. Beyond the lake in the distance you can see a traditional village with houses made of mud walls and roofs of traditional tiles. Depending on the time of year, you can see families working in the fields sowing rice or ploughing the fields using oxen or harvesting the rice using traditional methods, something that is lost in most of today’s villages in India. In winter the tents are cozy with heating and during the early part of October and late April there is air-conditioning providing the magic of living in a tent exposed to the elements without compromising on comfort.

Kanha National Park Camping Reservation

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